Russet Potato
A potato
Vital statistics
Type A magical gift from the gods
Effects To rid of sins
Source The potato goddess
Cost to buy From the potato goddess
Cost to sell You're sinning if you do this
Potato is a magical item, made by the Potato gods and Goddesses. The potato was created to protect everyone from sin and a Potato tome can be used to get rid of the sinful people


"Long ago, the world was full of sin, people were sinning and stuff and the potato gods were rlly angry, so you know they one day decided to sacrifice a god for the sake of creating a magical item, which will get rid of the sin from the land. Days later, a magical item appeared. It was brown, and it had a oval shape but yet, rough like the rocks. The god, Potato decided to name this object "Potato" and with it, he created the Potato Tome which will rid others of sin. With these objects, he managed to get rid of the sin, and was therefore, pure. Soon, reincarnation of the potato god was made in order for the future to be freed from sin and to protect the pureness of the world, and every reincarnation is a member of the royal potato family."


  • The potato is a legendary item.
  • Anyone who eats a potato is sinful.
  • Nah is the potato goddess.
  • Eggino actually started the potato thing.
  • There is a lot of members of the Royal potato fam.