U tried
I can't find a image of poob because its not a real word so have a u tried sticker
Vital statistics
Type Meme
Effects Poob
Source Nah
Cost to buy From the dank corners of meme hell
Cost to sell Don't do it.
Poob is a thing that Henry likes to use a insult apparently but that's not it's real purpose. It's real purpose is literally boop backwards. Nah is not sure why this word exist.


Ok one day Nah was like: "Lol how many words can I make with two o in them and then the next thing you know Poob existed.


  • Henry likes shipping stuff with poob.
  • Henry uses Poob as some form of name calling.
  • Henry didn't even make the word.
  • Nah wonders to this day why she made this word.
  • Henwin r poob