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Vital statistics
Type Website
Level Real life
Location The internet
Inhabitants The Shepherds (Currently having issues)
Miiverse is a website made by Nintendo somewhere around 2012. This is where the Shepherds started, making it a special place.


Miiverse is a website/social networking site made by Nintendo in 2012 for the Wii U but then in December 2013 or something it was available to 3DS users increasing the population of miiverse even more.

How the Shepherds started

Okay one day a user named Lucina made a post thingy and soon le original shoops joined. Lel.

How the Shepherds became what it is today:

Lucina quitz le shoops one day and soon Mist became the leader!!! YAYYYYYY!!!!

The Miiverse Redesign

Ok it's the worst thing ever like seriously screw it many users (One of them was Lon'qu, ;w;) left/quit miiverse because of it.


Unnecessary image of the Pc version of the site because why the heck not?

The update included things such as

  • The 30 Post/comment limit
  • The Discussions section of the communities
  • A Drawings section (Which sucks btw)
  • The Play Journal
  • The Screenshot Album
  • Removal of posting in the activity feed (You may still see post in the activity feed, which is really taunting, thanks Nintendo.)
  • and hell.


  • Miiverse sucks now.
  • Miiverse is full of memes.
  • It's the birth home of Bigley.