Meme Emblem
The boxart of Meme Emblem
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First Egg egg
Second Released in meme land
Third Published by Nahtendo
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Meme Emblem is a tactical role-playing game for the Nahtendo 3DS, developed by Nahtelligent Systems, and published by Nahtendo. It is the first game in le Meme Emblem series.


The player will take on the role of Nuh, who was born to Potatoshido royalty, but raised by the EggOhr royal family, with Water being from thr EggOhr royal family but raised by the PotatoShido royal family. On the brink of war, the player must choose whether to follow the destiny tied to their birthplace or the fate bound to the country that raised them. Siding with the Potatoshido kingdom will involve the player and Water defending it from the invading EggOhr kingdom. Aligning with the EggOhr kingdom will involve the player and Water in a revolution within the EggOhr kingdom. There is an option to not align with either path; named the Invisible Poob this will reveal a new story responsible for the events of Meme Emblem



  • This game is full of memes.