This is a egg
Vital statistics
Type Egg
Effects Cursing Henry
Source Nah
Cost to buy From the Dank corners of the meme corner
Cost to sell Never you're stuck with it.

Eggs are a thing that Nah started randomly saying in Skype but then became a thing, just like potatos and stuff.

If you need to learn more about eggs go here because Nah is too lazy to edit stuff. Le Wiki page of egg


Ok seriously if potatos can have a history so can Eggs.

"Children, eggs come from birbs, but where do birbs come from?????? Liek seriously wtf I need context on this what came first the chicken or birb in this case or the egg???"


  • Eggs are laid by birbs.
  • Eggs can be of many colors.
  • Eggs are used in easter.
  • Henry is cursed by the eggs right now.
  • Inigo's nickname from Nah is Eggino, a pun of Eggs and Inigo.